Its been 2 months since first time I toke OJT. What kind of experience Id got in this job? Well, this is a shame for me to tell you that I got OJT place in my campus while all of my friend get place on manufacture industry. For you that didnt know the situation maybe would get confused and ask me why? For someone that come from my major, there is stereotype that said someone who got place OJT in campus is only who fail on manufacture industry.

So it just about comment from other. Yes, it maybe su*k, but I have been dragged into this stereotype. And my mind have a conclusion that I fail.

cuman niat mau belajar nulis pake bahasa inggris doang nih

tag [learn]

1 Response to “whenyoutrytolearnsomething”

  1. 1 elizabethlistya Maret 14, 2010 pukul 8:10 pm

    What is the criteria of a failure?

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